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Mobile App Development Outsourcing

Before you outsource your app development.

App development is an amazing experience. Working toward your goal and passion is very important for coming closer to success. Developing your product can be a challenge depends on the idea. You always need professional help if you are not part of that domain. If you about to start looking for developers to outsource then wait for a while. 

Before you start posting on LinkedIn, Twitter or other networks you need to go through the checklist form below. 

1. Create a simple pitch to present your idea

Just having an idea for an application is not sufficient. You need to have a clear vision and you need to have a complete understanding of how the system will work. You should know what a user should expect from this application.

2. Document your idea

Business Requirement document is very important to describe the complete flow of the application. You can’t just describe your application verbally to every person. You need to have a written document that explains your idea better than you. The document will help you to clear your idea more.

3. Native or hybrid or cross-platform

Now it’s time to decide tech stack for your project. As the title suggested you can make your application in three ways. You need to understand which one is suitable for you. You need to decide whether if you need Native or hybrid or cross-platform by looking more into app idea.

4. Design is important

The design is very important for mobile application. The mobile application is quite personal and we should not take any chances to choose the right design strategy. Complete design before you start development.

5. Keep in touch with developers

Knowing hows your idea is coming into an application is an awesome feeling. Same way developer also wants to know whether they are right track for the project. So pinging your developer in a week or two is always good for your project.

6. Do not micromanagement

You hired developers so you don’t have to worry about completing your project in time or with quality. Give the developer their own time and space for project completion. You don’t need to micromanage project work for developers they can handle this challenge.

7. stop being a perfectionist

Having perfection for your work is quite good but making system perfect is quite difficult and time-consuming. Mobile apps are unstable initially but as a developer go ahead they will fix bugs. If you expect all bugs fixed in any way then your application will be published after quite some time. 

Every business comes with its own set of challenges and requirements, and you need to take a key decision before you start engagement. Time is a valuable asset, always keep this in your mind!


If you like above checklist then you would love to see checklist for the audit app:



Note: Contact us for more details about the app security audit framework or getting .ppt or .docs file for the above framework.


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