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mobile app Development Trends in 2019

Mobile Application Development Trends in 2019

Mobile apps become an integrated part of our life. Every day we install new apps or at least get updates about it. Mobile app technology changes every year and if you missed an update then it will be quite difficult to catch up with new trends.




Here are a few trends in 2019, which help you to catch up if missed anything recently.

1) Accelerated Mobile Pages through AMP

AMP is a web component framework to create web pages or apps to load super fast. Using this simple web app can be converted into desktop as well as a mobile app. AMP will provide great user experience across all platforms and provide a seamless experience.

2) AI and ML platforms

Artificial Inelegance and Machine learning are taking up speed with stable platform and libraries which can be integrated within the application. Machine learning is quite extensive and needed more power as well as processing. Mobile apps provide a way to manage this seamlessly and provide the best experience as possible. ML has also been used for various targeted app marketing platform.

3) On-demand apps

On-demand apps are been widely used by millions of people. User experience and service now become a priority as well as a necessity. Getting thing on just tap is just amazing and help users to utilize the complete platform

4) Wearable and BLE’S connectivities

Devices are getting smaller and you can access your apps using these devices. Wearable allows apps to get mobile to users hands for better user experience. BLE’s allows users to connect with devices and communicate with them. As BLE’s are quite extensive and been used for multiple apps.

5) Enterprise Apps & Micro-apps

As technology improve internal operations got more critical and complicated. As it improves productivity and performance, process automation not only become need but its actually mandatory. Implementing enterprise apps will improve speed and efficiency. Microapps will help enterprise application to run efficiently on all platform.

6) Cloud Integration Platforms

Cloud connectivity has always been a priority for all apps. Connecting with the cloud means getting updated with latest tech and information in real-time. Firebase and AWS have launched many products for better connectivity and optimizing the app to use new functionality with ease.

7) Voice assistance

Voice assistance is quite common for many mobile phones. Utilizing this feature is quite important, as it will be an easier way to operate simple operations of your applications. As Google updates the assistance app so the developer can integrate voice assistance seamlessly with another app, this will enable the developers to innovate their app.

8) Chat Bots

Chatbots now become quite important than earlier years. There are few products available on the internet which we can integrate with our application. Still many apps needed them to be integrated using quite a complex process. Chatbot still got much to update in terms of implementation as well integration.

9) AR and VR

AR is quite improved recently, both Android and iOS update their hardware as well as software to support AR libraries. Both platform now has own AR library and developer can integrate it directly in the application. VR still needs to update with quite a big way, as other than mobile phones still need to update its hardware with the high-performance processor to work VR walkthrough seamlessly.

10) Easy pay options

M-commerce is still under quite extensive development. Many platforms working on creating centralize payment getaway. The payment structure is very tightly coupled with government regulations, this makes international payment quite hard and still with lots of hurdles. WIth Android Google pay option there is a quite a good chance it can be a good fit for payment solution.





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