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App Audit Framework

Audit your mobile application

Mobile application development or product development is quite a complex process. Quality must be kept at high when you are having good competition. As a product owner, you will not have enough time to get in touch with your developer every week or every demo. Mobile app audit framework will always help you to get a clear idea about your app quality.

You need to check the following details for your application:

App Architecture
Audit about core architecture on which complete front-end framework based. Audit based on best practices using in the application.

App Architecture


Data Layer
Audit about data transfer between module or component.

Data layer


Code Analysis
Complete analysis code quality with unit testing. Line by line code analysis.


Verify continues development for the application. Verify git-flow for the codebase. Version control for apps with API integration.



Download above mobile app audit framework resource from below:


Note: Contact us for more details about the app audit framework or getting .ppt or .docs file for the above framework.


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