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Manage Team Well !

Every business will not work without operations or human resources. We need to be very careful about managing team for growing business. Having a good team will always help but we need to manage that team to perform well. Management and leadership are the key features for the success of the team.

As a startup founder, our job is not just bringing business or money into the company, we need to make sure our internal operation must go smoothly without any extra cost which ensures maximum profitability. We need to make sure our passion must be passed down to the line, but only passion will not make sure your team will be high performing team.

As a manager, we need to convey instruction correctly down the line. While creating a good product we always depend on the team to deliver products. If we want to get things done correctly we only to follow simple one thing.

“ Give clear and specific instruction to the team!”

Initially, every person who doesn’t have experience in managing team do a very basic mistake. They didn’t provide clear instruction to the team. Every person in the team is different and can’t understand every word we spoken to him. We need to make sure the instruction we give to our team must be very specific and clear.

It’s not like we consider our team is dumb or they can’t understand the work we gave to them. Its just part of providing good instruction which team needs to follow and so they don’t have to waste time in assuming stuff which we don’t need.

As per Art of war (Sun Tzu), “if instructions are clear and it has been told correctly to person but the person still wasn’t able to perform a task then its fault of that person.”

Wait before start blaming that person go back time and think whether did you give clear instruction to the team. As if Instructions are not given correctly to the team and instruction have issues then its completely fault of the person who provided instruction.

If you are facing issue with your deadlines just try to implement this strategy for a week or two. You will be amazed by results by just simply giving clear instructions to your team.




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