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Direct and Targeted Marketing using Mobile Applications

Digital Marketing is very important for any business. Mobile Marketing is quite taking up speed in the marketing domain. Our business will simply not survive if we do not focus on the right marketing of our services and products. Great businesses spend a lot of time and resources on marketing.

The Internet gives us ample opportunity and scales to market our business efficiently. It also presents a wider reach and audience to cater especially considering the globalized world market scenario and the impact of Social media as a connecting platform. However, we also have to keep in mind that sometimes it also targets the wrong audience which will not be interested in our services.

If we target the right market with a clearly defined segment, only 20% of such interactions will account for the majority of our client conversions. This will directly result in saving time and resources which can be further utilized in the same manner. This is one of the main potential factors of direct segmented marketing.

How do we identify our focus areas? That’s what many of us keep thinking and wondering about. Firstly, let’s just start by simply looking around. Are you already looking? Look no further than the Smartphone on your desk or in the pocket. Nearly every person seems to have one these days! 🙂

The moot question now before us is; how does this affect our ability to market efficiency in the 21st century?

Quite simply — The information about us, our product, service, reviews, competition… and price… is at the touch of a fingertip these days. It’s so easy for our prospective clients to dig up any information about us. If they see something they don’t like… or something of better interest around, they’re gone before you realize it and only a few in hundreds, ever come back.

Mobile applications facilitate direct access to our clients and they can connect with us anytime and sometimes even without the need for the internet.

One of the major benefits of having a dedicated mobile app for our business is that we can easily give our clients/customers access to the information you want them to have. Whether this means announcing special sales or introducing a digital loyalty program, we can market directly to the target base clients/customers which in turn will also allow us to inform them about our products and services.

Feel the need to have a mobile app now? No worries! Simply contact [email protected] and we will hand over a custom made no-obligation FREE quote for you.




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