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Delivery sumo is on demand delivery system. Using delivery sumo application user can request pick and delivery of goods. Other than Pick and delivery, it is also capable of taking order for stuffs like food, Laundry and medicine for delivery service. You can get your delivery in Same day. Delivery sumo is a very good logistic system which can be Used for delivery of any good including e-commerce products .

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Delivery sumo has USP service which is capable of delivering goods in 1 day. For this purpose we need to manage efficient delivery. So that every customer can get all there delivery on time. Correct fair calculation was big stone of our path and google maps were not solution for our problem because it never give correct distance covered.


We track delivery boy and automatically allocate delivery to delivery boy. This optimsie delivery time. We provided an application for delivery boy which track his GPS location. Now we have his path and we can correctly calculate fair for customer and we can charge customer accordingly.